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315 elite athletes and 87 national teams will take part in the IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso WHM Championships Valencia 2018

The IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half-Marathon Championships Valencia 2018 already have a provisional list of star athletes who will take part in the late afternoon of the 24th of March. Before even crossing the Start Line, they have easily broken the first records, with 315 elite athletes and 87 nations taking part (the previous ones were 256 top runners and 56 countries, respectively). The athletes will be the first to run this rapid World Championship circuit in Valencia — ‘The Running City’ — in the Men’s and Women’s races on Saturday the 24th of March.

The 176 male athletes include the Kenyan runner, Geoffrey Kanworor, who won the last two World Half-Marathons, and who was one of the four runners with times of under 59 minutes. The other three were Bahrein Abraham Cheroben, who holds the record for the Valencian Half-Marathon (58:48, although his best personal time is 58:40), Jorum Okombo (58:48) and Alex Korio (58:51). These last three have run these times in the last six months. The Ethiopian runner Jemal Yimer has also run his fastest time (59:00) in the last half year.

In addition, some dozen athletes have run the 21,097.5-metre distance in under an hour and no fewer than 28 have run it in under 1:01:00. There is also a host of very young athletes (virtually ‘debutants’) who are competing for the first time in Europe and on national teams selected by Ethiopia, Japan, Uganda, and Eritrea, ensuring that the competition for medals and times will be a fierce one. The race will also feature the legendary US Half-Marathon veteran Bernard Lagat, for whom this occasion may mark the end of his official participation in major championships. He will be accompanied by the Swiss runner Julien Waders, who will try to run the race in under 60 minutes.

In the Women’s race, which starts at 17:05, there are 139 runners selected to compete in the IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso WHM Valencia 2018. Among them is the current WHM record-holder, Joyciline Jepkosgei, who tops the ranking with 1:04:51 (in a mixed race running with men). She set this record at Valencia’s Half-Marathon last October. In total, no fewer than 20 have accredited times of under 1:10:30 (among them, the Spanish runner Trihas Gebre). Just as in the Men’s category, there are half a dozen relatively unknown runners born between 1996 and 1999 who have yet to clock up official times but who have been selected by the Ethiopian, Eritrean, Ugandan, and Japanese teams. They may well spring some surprises.

Full list of athletes

A total of 315 elite athletes, selected by their countries and running under the colours of various national federations, will be the first to try out this new, fast circuit for the Men’s and Women’s World Championships in Valencia — ‘The Running City’ — in the late afternoon of Saturday the 24th of March.

A technical meeting with the countries represented will be held on the 23rd of March to draw up the official list of athletes who will cross the Start Line on the 24th of March in Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences.

Over 14,000 amateur runners will race together with elite athletes

The spectacular list of elite runners in this fast World Championship will be accompanied by over 14,000 amateur runners, setting a new all-time record for participation in an event for both professional and fun runners. This makes the IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half-Marathon Championships Valencia 2018 an extremely attractive, popular event. The number of runners this year beats the previous record set by the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half-Marathon in 2017, in which 14,288 runners took part.

Entries for Valencia’s Mass Race can be made up until Tuesday the 20th of March