1. ¿Who is running it?

The IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half Marathon Championships Valencia 2018 will be run by worldwide long-distance athletes representing their own national team and also all the popular runners who register to run this race.

2. ¿What’s the price?

Although participation in this historic race has a price of € 35, there is the option of obtaining a bib number at a reduced price (€ 25) in case you run the 2017 Valencia Marathon or the Half Marathon.

3. ¿When is it held?

The IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half Marathon Championships Valencia 2018 wil be held on the 24th March evening. The female elite will perform the initial start. 25 minutes later, the male elite and all the popular runners will start.

4. ¿Which is the route?

The Championship in València will have a special and very fast route designed for the occasion. It will have the same start line and finish line as the Marathon, beside the City of Arts and Sciences, but runners will enjoy a route they have never seen or run before.

5. ¿How can I register?

You can register at this website, in the section Registration, the same way as you would proceed in common races.

6. ¿Has there not been a World Championship in València before?

Yes, there was a World Championship in 2008, but it was in an indoor track. It was held in the Lluis Puig Velodrome Palace.

7. ¿A World Championship with popular runners?

Two years ago, the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) decided to open the official elite competition to the participation of any runner, sharing race and route with the best half marathon athletes on the planet.