Enervit is the energy gel chosen for the IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso WHM Championships


Enervit has been taken on as National Supplier for the IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half Marathon Championships Valencia 2018. On Saturday —the 24th March— it will hand out its energy gels to the thousands of amateur runners during the trial.

Competitors who wish can pick up their Enervit energy gel from the refreshment point at 14.8 kilometre, sited just before the usual liquid refreshment point.

This point is strategically located to recharge runners’ energy at a critical point in the trial and thus help competitors cross the finishing line in the World Half Marathon.

The Italian firm specialises in sports nutrition and will have a stand at The Runners Fair. Enervit will also put a free protein bar in the runners’ bags that athletes pick up at the Fair together with their race bibs.

Enervit will also offer its products to runners taking part in the Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP trials. The Italian company takes part in many sporting events, including the Venice, Florence, and Milan marathons. The company took a giant step forward in Spain with its support for the Gold Label trials (such as those in Valencia). It has now done the same in the IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half Marathon Championships Valencia 2018. 

About Enervit

The trail blazed by the Italian firm Enervit over more than 40 years has helped athletes boost their sport performance and improved the lives of those undertaking physical activities. Enervit Sport is a full line of products that covers all supplement needs, helping athletes programme their nutritional strategy for every moment in their sports activities, whether it be boosting energy, fighting fatigue, or ensuring fast, optimal recovery.