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IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso WHM Valencia 2018 will have 7 refreshment points supplied with 52,000 litres of Aquabona™ and Powerade™


The IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half Marathon Championships Valencia 2018 has already drawn up its strategy for rehydrating runners in the Mass Race.

Runners will have six refreshment points sited along the route, and one in the area behind the Finishing Line. Over 117,000 bottles of Aquabona and 35,000 bottles of Powerade will be provided by Coca-Cola for this purpose.

The main new feature this year is that the race will have three extra refreshment points, sited at kilometres 7.5, 12.5, and 17.5, ensuring that the thirst of the thousands of runners leaving Puente de Monteolivete [Mount Olive Bridge] will be quenched by the company’s sports drinks.


Support for recycling  

As part of Coca-Cola’s commitment to protecting the environment, the company will launch a new initiative for recycling plastic bottles in the area behind the Finishing Line. Coca-Cola will place recycling bins here because this is where most bottles are drunk. This will make the event especially eco-friendly. The aim is to recycle the plastic and use it for products in future events, such as Music Festivals, thus reducing the ‘environmental footprint’.