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Trinidad Alfonso Foundation

The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation chaired by Juan Roig. It was founded in 2012 and its main goal is to promote personal ethics based on hard work within society in the Valencian Community. The foundation uses sport as an example and as a way to give back to society what its President has received from the community.

The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation has supported more than 50 social projects since 2012. The Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon are the spearheads of an ambitious initiative, ‘Valencia, the City of Running’, which aims to make the city on the banks of the Turia into a benchmark for foot races. The construction of a 5-kilometre circuit, exclusively designed for runners, in Turia Gardens is an example of this.

In addition, the foundation also supports Valencian athletes through the FER Project, which in 2017 alone has brought together 121 athletes, some of them with the possibility of going to the next Olympic or Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Another foundation initiative is the Competitive Events Support Programme, which has brought more than 40 official championships for a number of different sports to the Valencian Community over the last two years and the programme has also provided the Spanish sport federations with almost €40,000 in financial support. The foundation also works to bring sport and its values to youngsters with initiatives such as Effort Counts and Discounts, Actibasket and the promotion of events to celebrate the World Day for Physical Activity and Sport in more than 200 schools, making it possible for more than 80,000 children to practice sport in their schools.