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The IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso WHM Valencia 2018 beats another record with over 14,500 participants in the half marathon

pasarela meta Mundial Valencia 2018

The IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso World Half Marathon Championships Valencia 2018 has not only beaten the record for elite athletes (315) and countries participating in a World Half Marathon Championship (87), it has also beaten the record for the number of participants in a half marathon race in València. The deadline for registration in the Mass Race has now passed with 14,577 registered runners, beating the 14,288 runners in the last Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP held last October.

A total of 315 elite athletes selected by national federations from around the world will meet on Saturday 24th March in Valencia, where the race starts in the City of Arts and Sciences at 5.05 p.m. They will be followed by over 14,200 recreational runners who will have travelled from 83 different countries. Of the total number of runners, 18% will travel from outside Spain to enjoy this unique experience in Valencia City of Running. In addition, 60% of the participants will be from the Valencian Community, who do not want the miss the opportunity of running in a World Half Marathon Championships at home. A total of 2,900 women will be running on 24 March, making up 21% of the total participants.

Just three days remain before these World Championships are held in Valencia, the city where the women’s world record and national record (Jepkosgei and Trihas Gebre) were set in 2017 and Valencia is ready to celebrate another festival of runnting. Thousands of spectators will fill the Valencian capital and at more than 30 ‘cheering points’ on the route will help encourage the runners and speed them on to the finish line located in the City if Arts and Sciences.